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Sponsored Research & Development

IAOSS is a medical and wellness association that facilitates research and development in field of anti-ageing and regenerative medicine and has sanctioned a few clinical studies around the world. IAOSS has supported these studies and tests in providing them with professional advice and by educating them with their up to date information in the field of anti-ageing. In the clinical studies mentioned here, IAOSS explored the therapeutic potential of organ extracts for cellular therapies such as the LFC- Lyophilized Fresh Cells and has successfully witnessed their potentials for rejuvenation and regeneration purposes to extend healthy human lifespan and fight against premature ageing.

The LFC used in these studies are from a renowned cellular therapy developer, the German Society for Thymus Therapy (GSTT). GSTT has a long history of research experience in the field of cellular therapy and their anti-ageing products are being used by the best rejuvenation clinics and health maintenance centers in Europe.

Numerous companies in the business of anti-ageing have sponsored these studies that use cellular therapy methods throughout the world. IAOSS has taken interest and has facilitated them with educational programs, medical and wellness information and technical advices to carry out their studies and has resulted with great success. Since then, these companies have gained continuous support from IAOSS’s medical and wellness advisory board in the field of cellular therapies utilizing LFC for rejuvenation, regeneration and anti-ageing.

Source of LFC & SPA Cellular Therapy Products

The German Society for Thymus Therapy, Germany
Zell-V Cellular Therapy Products, www.zell-v.com